Are you in for some Oystertainment®?

For more than 25 years now, we have been offering a hospitality service called Oystertainment®. We first started to oystertain in Europe, with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Our customers really enjoy the way we work. This encouraged us to open a branch in the UK market featuring Oystertainment®.

Our founder Matijn loves people and he loves oysters. Aiming to combine the two things he loves the most, he invented a way that allows the oyster shucker to walk around at events and mingle with guests while serving fresh oysters. This is the concept of Oystertainment®. Opening delicious, fresh oysters while sharing anecdotes with guests.

The equipment Matijn designed allows the best and most passionate oyster shuckers we could find make a lively connection with the guests. This leads to new fans of oysters as well as serving existing oyster lovers with great elegance. It’s very impressive to watch! Red Oyster was founded more than 25 years ago and has been oystertaining ever since.

Why choose Red Oyster UK?

How can we help you?

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How does our Oystertainment -oyster catering- work?

Oystertainment is provided by a team of professional oyster shuckers. They are dressed in smart oyster shucking gear, including a steel mesh glove and white leather apron. They will open fresh oysters for you and your guests while walking around at your event.

It’s a wonderful experience to watch an expert oyster shucker from Red Oyster UK open a fresh oyster at your party! This requires strength and elegance. Our skilful oystertainers will mingle amongst the guests at an event, telling them anecdotes about the process of shucking, about different types of oysters, and why we choose oysters that are grown in Europe.

With a great deal of passion and their excellent skills, our oyster shuckers will entertain your guests. Oystertainment will make it a special event to remember for a long time to come.

"We’re in the business of connecting people”

Where do we Oystertain?

Oystertainment® is a great concept for a wide range of events, including weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events or graduation ceremonies. The delicious, fresh oysters will be served personally by a talented professional oyster shucker. Enjoy the luxury of this private service.

Fans of oysters in Europe and the US have led the way by inviting Oystertainment® to attend their events, so it is a proven concept. Whether you are organising a small private party or a large business event, our Red Oyster oyster shuckers are happy to oystertain at the venue of your choice!

“When I greet my guests with a bucket of fresh oysters, we have an animated conversation in no time.”

Oystershucker Cameron shucking oyster
Oystertainer Rick smiles, upper body and face focused, wearing Red Oyster uniform. Background: white wall, faintly visible gentleman.
Charlie, our Oysterman, gives an oyster to a guest, focused on the task, with a sea and a large building visible in the background.
Oystertainer Molly hands over an oyster to the cameraman, smiling, with a partial view of New York City in the background.
Oystertainer Haydn smiles, upper body focused, with plants in the background.


Frequently Asked Questions

On average the Oystertainment service will be around an hour and a half to two hours, but it all
depends on the amount of oysters and time you have for at your event for our Oystertainment. The time often varies, sometimes it is only the cocktail hour, but there are also occurances we oystertain the whole evening.

We do travel to any location. We are quite flexible and nowadays we can
ship our fresh oysters throughout the whole country. Our team of Oystershuckers can travel to any location, our proposal will always be included the travel expenses.

We find that a guest who doesn’t like oysters is just a guest who hasn’t met
one of our Oystertainers! We take every opportunity to turn a non-oyster
lover into an oyster fan. People who have never eaten an oyster are
sometimes nervous or believe they won’t enjoy it. But at Red Oyster, we find
that our passion is catching! We explain more about oysters to people who
are hesitant. By telling them what to expect regarding taste, structure, and
how to eat them, we almost always convince them to try one. It’s an
experience they never forget.

We also serve caviar in the mobile concept. Both local and imported caviar is possible. The caviartaiment has two options: oysters & amp; caviar or a single caviartainer with caviar, blinis and sour cream.

How can we help you?

Hi I’m Paul,
don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to make your event into one that everyone remembers.

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