Oysters at your wedding; heads will turn

Imagine the expression on the faces of your guests at your wedding. Heads will turn, and eager eyes will follow the oystertainers when they mingle with your guests. The mere thought of oysters… simply makes our mouth water. Oyster lovers will be so excited!

Your wedding is the most special celebration imaginable. Preparations often start a year in advance with careful attention being paid to every detail, including the flowers, the invitations, and, of course, the food. There’s a special joy in having freshly opened oysters, skillfully prepared just for your dear friends and family. It’s like a wedding gift that you give your guests!

Why choose Red Oyster UK for Oysters at your wedding?

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The wedding reception

You can have oysters either at the wedding reception or at the evening party. The reception is often a large party, so the chances are that many people will be oyster lovers. Our oystertainers are often tapped on the shoulder with the question, ‘Could you come over to our group, please?’ That’s when we know we’re dealing with oyster fans. The same applies to our Dutch partners.

The evening party

If you let us oystertain at the evening party of the wedding, your guests will be more open to try oysters for the first time, because the atmosphere is less formal. The art is to dispel any preconceived notions they may have. The intriguing part is that people are naturally curious. When guests are having fun, oysters find their way, and they are often the biggest hit of the party. The world is your oyster!

Oystershucker Cameron shucking oyster
Oystertainer Rick smiles, upper body and face focused, wearing Red Oyster uniform. Background: white wall, faintly visible gentleman.
Charlie, our Oysterman, gives an oyster to a guest, focused on the task, with a sea and a large building visible in the background.
Oystertainer Molly hands over an oyster to the cameraman, smiling, with a partial view of New York City in the background.
Oystertainer Haydn smiles, upper body focused, with plants in the background.


Frequently Asked Questions

The number of oysters you should get for your party depends on 3 factors:
1. the Oystertaining time you’d like
2. the number of guests
3. the location
On average we take into account 2 to 3 oysters per person. Depending on the input we get from you above, we make a suitable quotation which we would be happy to discuss with you, to make sure it meets your expectations.  

Our Oystertainers open oysters on the spot as they move around the room, so there is no need to provide a table! They will bring the oysters in a cooler, and a custom Red Oyster backpack with all their equipment. All you need to provide is a small space to store the cooler and the backpack, and a bin for the empty shells. We’ll do the rest!

We prefer to serve Jersey and Maldon oysters, because we have trusting relationships with the  oyster farmers who grow these oysters. Our oyster farmers have family-owned businesses, who have often been farming oysters for generations. 

How can we help you?

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