Corporate catering

Red Oyster UK is a high-end corporate oyster caterer. When your company is organising product launches, conferences, trade fairs or staff parties, let our skillful oystertainers serve delicious fresh oysters and your business event, no matter how large or small, will be a wonderful success.

We would love to include your company in the wide range of organisations that Red Oyster UK is already providing excellent corporate oyster catering to. We specialise in Oystertainment® in and around London and Brighton. Our Dutch parent company was founded at the turn of the century. We are the proud inventors of the ‘mobile oyster shuckers’ allowing us to mingle at corporate events, while serving fresh oysters to your clients and employees. A private luxury!

For more than 25 years now, Red Oyster has oystertained at many corporate events, from intimate boardroom dinners to elegant champagne parties as well as large conferences. We are excited to be your partner at your corporate event and help make it into a success. The best of both worlds: expert oyster shuckers and delicious fresh oysters served with strength and elegance.

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Hi I’m Paul,
don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to make your event into one that everyone remembers.

Luxury corporate oyster catering

Would you like to offer your clients and employees in London something special? Are you hosting a private dinner party, organising a product launch, welcoming VIP customers for one day? Perhaps it is a fashion show, a conference or an anniversary event? A new gallery or flagship store that is opening its doors? At Red Oyster UK we would be very happy to take care of the luxury corporate oyster catering. Small or large venues, let us offer our unique oyster catering experience to make it a day to remember!

Just like our Dutch colleagues, we pay special attention to each corporate event. Are you based in London, Brighton or elsewhere in the UK? From shareholder meetings to staff parties at all kinds of organisations, we would love to oystertain at your corporate event.

Please contact Red Oyster UK so we can discuss your corporate oyster catering needs and wishes. We look forward to giving you the Oystertainment® experience.

Oystershucker Cameron shucking oyster
Oystertainer Rick smiles, upper body and face focused, wearing Red Oyster uniform. Background: white wall, faintly visible gentleman.
Charlie, our Oysterman, gives an oyster to a guest, focused on the task, with a sea and a large building visible in the background.
Oystertainer Molly hands over an oyster to the cameraman, smiling, with a partial view of New York City in the background.
Oystertainer Haydn smiles, upper body focused, with plants in the background.


Frequently Asked Questions

We can handle as many guest as possible. Please inform us on the number of guests on time.

We operate all over US. However, New York and New Jersey is where most of our clients are.

We are always available to serve our clients. Please let us know 3 days prior the event.

How can we help you?

Hi I’m Paul,
don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to make your event into one that everyone remembers.

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