Our team of Oystertainers®

Our oystershuckers (or Oystertainers as we call them) are passionate about their craft. With their energy, enthusiasm, and unique personalities, they’ll bring you skills, knowledge, and the very best oysters.

Oystertainer Haydn smiles, upper body focused, with plants in the background.
Oystertainer Molly hands over an oyster to the cameraman, smiling, with a partial view of New York City in the background.
Charlie, our Oysterman, gives an oyster to a guest, focused on the task, with a sea and a large building visible in the background.
Oystertainer Rick smiles, upper body and face focused, wearing Red Oyster uniform. Background: white wall, faintly visible gentleman.
Oystershucker Cameron shucking oyster

Red Oyster History

Starting in the Netherlands in 2000, company founder and inventor of mobile raw bar, Matijn Wijn was the first professional oysterman to open fresh oysters on the spot at parties and events. Driven by his great passion for oysters, he created an innovative raw bar, and built a whole experience around the oysters that he loved. 

From its start and to this day, Red Oyster (or Oestercompagnie as we’re called in The Netherlands!) has been a family owned business. Juliëtte, Matijn’s wife and business parter, is director of marketing and business development. You can even encounter one of their 3 sons as a professional oysterman!

Red Oyster has crossed many borders since we started all those years ago. The enduring love and enthusiasm for oysters of oysterman Matijn, has prompted him to bring Oystertainment® to locations throughout the world, with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, USA and the UK.. 

About our team behind the scenes

Owner Haydn Harvey

Growing up at the seaside in Brighton, I learned to eat oysters at an early age. After secondary school, I moved to New York in 2016. I studied acting at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting on Manhattan Island at which I graduated.  During my studies I worked as an oyster shucker to support my cost of living in Brooklyn. Over the years I became more and more involved in the operation of Red Oyster, learning the business, developing my knowledge, and feeding my passion for oysters.

Now I am able to put to use my stage actor training and oyster shucking experience in my own business; Red Oyster UK.  I’ve served oysters in the USA and mainland Europe at events large and small, and now I am proud to be bringing that experience back to my native UK to spread the joy of oysters here.  My mission is to make as many people as possible enjoy the world of oysters!

Hayden Harvey, our co-founder, suggests an oyster to a child in the rain, both looking happy. A swimming pool atop a building and wooden items are visible in the background.
Co-founder Paul Harvey of Red Oyster UK wears a blue jacket, facing the camera, with a tree in the background.

After leaving school in the UK I had a successful career in the retail industry, always focussing on customer service, and proving that whatever the line of business, great service combined with the best products is a recipe for success and happy customers.
Later on I moved into IT services and was able to take my skills with me to instil confidence and provide a friendly edge to a professional service.

Now I am committed to bringing my dedication for making people happy to the world of Oystertainment® with Red Oyster UK.  A great tasting oyster is still just an oyster, but I firmly believe that with the passion of well trained and entertaining shuckers Red Oyster can make them so much more than that.  We strive to entertain as well as serve – going the extra mile is what makes a difference – and in my supporting role for Red Oyster UK that is what I am all about!

Paul Harvey, co-founder Red Oyster UK

Ask me a question about a brand and you have my interest. As a marketing strategist, I know how to use marketing and communication tools effectively and efficiently to build a consistent brand. After a good marketing and management career at Unilever, I am used to working at a high professional level. With my own marketing consultancy company, Made for Marketing, I applied my knowledge and experience to other brands. Since I started working with Oestercompagnie 7 years ago, I have become as passionate about oysters as the rest of the team. As an oysterman or oystergirl, it’s great to experience the positive reactions of our clients when you oystertain. It’s impossible not to have your own enthusiasm sparked by theirs!

Coming as I did from an entrepreneurial family, I was immediately interested by the business potential in the USA. I took the plunge, moved from The Netherlands to the US and set up Red Oyster USA. I’m delighted that we’re making more oyster lovers everyday!

Angelique van der Made, co-founder Red Oyster US

Our VP Angelique van de Made

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