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Welcome to Red Oyster, the innovators behind the mobile oystershucking experience and the creators of Oystertainment®! Based in London, we’re a high end oyster catering company with more than two decades of experience in Amsterdam, Turin and New York. We contract our oysters from family-owned oyster farms. We keep the lines short, that way our oystershuckers can always bring the freshest oysters directly to your party or event.

Oystertainment® offers an amazing experience that redefines the art of opening and enjoying oysters. Our skilled oystershuckers expertly shuck oysters on-site, no matter where you are located. Whether it’s an intimate gathering at your home, a wedding celebration, a baptism, a corporate event, or your after work cocktail party – Red Oyster’s oystershuckers are poised to entertain and delight you – anywhere, anytime.

Oystergirl and Oystershucker Noes Cremer smiles, holding an oyster and oysterknife, wearing Red Oyster uniform. Background: three ladies, greenery.


Our oyster shuckers at Red Oyster are real oystertainers who will add a sparkle to your event. They will make every party a special occasion to remember, making more new fans of oysters all the time. Let’s entertain your guests!


Success is guaranteed whenever you book oyster catering with Red Oyster oyster shuckers at your event. Let your guests enjoy our delicious fresh oysters in a lively and fun way.  

This is Oystertainment®

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Our Oystertainers invite you to enjoy oysters in every possible way.

Meet our Team

Oystertainer Haydn smiles, upper body focused, with plants in the background.
Oystertainer Molly hands over an oyster to the cameraman, smiling, with a partial view of New York City in the background.
Charlie, our Oysterman, gives an oyster to a guest, focused on the task, with a sea and a large building visible in the background.
Oystertainer Rick smiles, upper body and face focused, wearing Red Oyster uniform. Background: white wall, faintly visible gentleman.
Oystershucker Cameron shucking oyster
“There’s nothing more rewarding than growing your own oysters”

How does it work?



The number of oysters you’ll need for your event depends on various factors. How many guests are you expecting? How much time do you have? What is your budget?

The number of oysters you order and the time we have to oystertain your guests will determine how many oystertainers (our special oyster shuckers) we need.

Our Red Oyster experts are here to guide you through the process. We will discuss all these factors with you, and ensure that your party will be a success!

Would you like to work with oyster professionals who also entertain your guests? Oystertainment offers the best of both worlds!

Don’t expect the Red Oyster oystertainers to sing and dance for you, but they will perform the act of opening our delicious fresh oysters with an elegant flourish. They also enjoy telling anecdotes and chatting to your guests.

Our oyster experts have great hospitality skills, so why not let Red Oyster entertain at your event?

We will confirm the reservation once we have decided on the number of oysters, the time available to open the oysters, and when we have agreed on a price.

The number of Red Oyster oystertainers you book will arrive on the date of the event as agreed. They will need a small room to get changed into the Oystertainment® gear.

Our oystertainers will bring along the delicious, fresh oysters in a temperature-regulated cool box, to guarantee the excellent quality of the fresh oysters.

During the event, the oystertainers will mingle among your guests and open the fresh oysters on the spot. They will stay until the time we agreed, or until all the oysters are opened and have been enjoyed by your guests.

At Red Oyster, we serve Jersey oysters and Maldon oysters. The oyster farmers we work with grow these oysters and are known for their expertise on how to grow a delicate oyster of superb taste. What’s more, they can deliver excellent oysters all year round.   

There are people who go wild over oysters and can easily eat half a dozen. However, there are other guests who can be a little more hesitant when they are offered a fresh oyster and say ‘No, thank you’. There’s nothing in between.

Taking the average of these two types of guests, you will need roughly three oysters per person. However, it also depends on the time available, and on the type of guests. At Red Oyster UK, we are here to help you to make sure that your event will be talked about for many weeks after the party!

We serve classic red wine vinegar, fresh lemon juice, black pepper, and Tabasco to go with the oysters. Upon request, we can also serve special condiments to go with the oysters, such as Dutch, French and Asian sauce.

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